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These are just some of the purpose built machines maufactured or modified for our customers.
6 ton Cable Drum Lifter, Power Packs, Drill Attachment for a Bobcat, Pool Filter manufacturing plant and Spreader Bars; how about an underwater dozer .  If you want it.....we'll build it or plumb it up!
An undergroud electrical contractor required a purpose built Cable Drum Lifter with hydraulic operation which would lift and unwind/recover 6 ton drums of 11kva cable.  We came up with this design which suited their needs and enabled them to complete their contract on time and more importantly.. on budget.  The Cable Drum lifter could close down to 595mm for small drums and lift to 1750mm (centre) for 6 ton drums making it multi-purpurose for their needs.  The power pack had quick release couplers for hydraulic tool use.
We were asked to design and manufacture a power pack for a new "Swimming Pool Filter" manufacturing machine.   The customer, Invoplas Pty Ltd required a hydraulic system to operate the mould clamps, open/closing of the mould, Pre-form locking mechanism and a few other functions for the machine they were building for their customer, a manufacturerer high up in the pool industry with world wide sales.  This was a new and innovative process in the manufacturing of these filters ( Sand Filter type moulds).  The process was fully automated, hydraulically and electrically. This same process could be used for 1000lt Water Tank manufacture as well as a host of other P.E.T related products, including the potential to make plastic pallets from recycled bottles,  with the best part being the use of recycled plastic for the manufacture of the Pre-forms.  This procedure has unlimited potential and is far cheaper than any thing else on the market, and certainly a lot faster than Rotor Moulding, we were very happy to be involved with these guys at Invoplas Pty Ltd.   
                                                                                            (please contact me for more information on this process)    
                                Watch their video on full automation of this process on Youtube:    SEE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE      
A customer needed a  attachment for their Bobcat to enable a 
Received a call from a customer to plumb up an unusal "Dozer" he
Hydraulic drill be built into a frame to drill starter bar holes in the wall for a Highrise Building.  We came up with this design which allowed the drill to "slide" the drill bit into the wall using the machines hydraulic circuit. It could drill a row of holes with ease and be a one man job.
was building for underwater use in clearing reeds etc from the bottom of lakes, dams and other waterways. Took a bit of doing but at the end of the day it all worked out.  The bottom half would be submerged whilst the control cabin would float on pontoons.  You never know what your going to get next.
above & left
 Manual 3 ton Cable Drum A Frame modified for hydraulic operation. This was able to be connected to the customers Tipper hydraulics for use on site.    (right) Stand alone A Frame for smaller drums can be manufactured.
All A Frames can be designed and manufactured to meet the customers needs.
Spreader Bars for Bobcats, Skidsteers or even excavators can be manufactured.
The silver bar is made from 3mm RHS with 5mm wear strips on the bottom.
The blue bar is made from 5mm RHS with 5mm wear strips... this is heavier duty.
Spreader Bars can be manufactured to customers requirements
The frame above was made for carrying electrical poles making the truck multi usage whilst ensuring the safety of staff and the integrity of the load.  Racks are removable.
Customer needed 3 hydraulic power packs for their workshop to test hydraulic, valves, cylinders, motors etc and asked us to design an easy to use powerpack which could be moved around their workshop. 
As you can see by this video, the process involved in making these filter housings is not only automated but time efficent.  If you look at the time from when the mould closes on the pre-form to opening on the completed product it is approximately 1min 30secs.  This makes this moulding process possibly the fastest on the market.  The best part is the whole product can be made from recycled soft drink bottles (P.E.T).  There is nothing like it in the world. Please contact me if you require further inofrmation.    Youtube site:     InvoplasPtyLtd's channel